Experiential + Wayfinding + Signage + Motion + Design for Built Environments.

+ Wayfinding + Signage + Motion

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Experiential Design Consultancy for Wayfinding + Signage + Motion within Built Environments.

Joseph provides niche analysis, design, development, and tender management services to architects, interior design firms, developers, and private clients.


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1. what one should fall in love with.
2. a methodical series of actions and
steps taken to ensure client satisfaction.


Data collection and analysis of the built environment. A quest to identify thematic or formal context(s), user profiles, and circulation paths to inform strategy.


Exploration of visual styling, materiality, and form. Laying the framework of information hierarchy and aligning design direction(s) with a design strategy.



Advancing an approved conceptual direction through design validation, refinement and tuning to the built environment. Honing the information content system(s).


Design intent and project specifications detailed with clarity. Final location plans, message schedules, technical and performance specs prepared for tender.


Visual Teasers


Model & Design Validation

Model & Design Validation

Model & Scene Render

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